Watch the video above to learn about this principle of well being. This toolkit covers two aspects of abudance in your life -- one is realizing and identifying the abundance you already have in your life, which in turn creates more abundance and the other it learning how to express gratitude for that abundance.  Having an abundant life is often more about attitude and expressing gratitude rather than having many material things in our life.  It's by learning what abundance truly is, recognizing where you already have it in your life, and embracing abudance in your life with gratitude that you'll create more abundance. 


In this toolkit, you'll get readings on both abundance and gratitude that will help you change your thinking about these topics.


You will also receive a worksheet/activity on identifying and acknowledging the abundance already in your life, while also doing a worksheet on ways to properly express gratitude.  By doing these things and learning to have a healthy relationship with abundance, you'll discover how to generate more abundance, gratitude, and happiness in your life.  

Creating Abundance in Your Life


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