Watch the video above to learn about this principle of well being. We often think forgiveness is about forgiving other people, when in fact, it's really about forgiving ourselves.  Only by learning this can we truly learn how to extend this gift to others.  If we are unable to forgive ourselves, or don't know how, we remain stuck in place both energetically and emotionally.  This causes us pain and blocks us from moving forward onto a more positive path in life. 


This toolkit comes with several components.  First, a short reading about this principle, and why forgiving yourself is the first place needed in order to heal our own self-inflicted wounds.  Then, we can turn our attention to letting go resentments and anger towards others we have struggled to forgive. 


The reading is followed by an activity for you to perform, with a worksheet.  This is about writing forgiveness statements and it provides a formula and guidance on how to do this.  Read the materials and do the exercises!  You'll be surprised about what you have been holding on to, and you'll be relieved and free of it once you learn to forgive it.

Giving Yourself Forgiveness (and Others)


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