Watch the video above to learn about this principle of well being. Many of us may have a regular spiritual or religious practice and many of us may not.  It's important for the nourishment of our soul and well-being that we take an assessment of what is our spiritual practice and whether or not it feeds us.  Then, in assessing this, determining what brings us greater connection to the divine and making an effort to more pro-actively do things, attend events, or go to services that feed our soul. 


In this toolkit you'll get a reading that discusses the importance of spiritual practice and it challenges you to consider what you do or don't do today that feeds and nourishes your soul.  For without soul nourishment, we live disconnected to our essence in a vast secular world. 


You'll also receive a worksheet/activity that helps you walk through identifying the types of things you like to do that feed your soul -- it could be church service, it could be volunteering, it could be yoga.  Whatever it is, it's about getting in tune with the fact that you need it and pro-actively embedding it into your life.  It also makes you challenge what you have been doing to do date (or not) and assessing how you want to live a more spirit-centered life.

Nurturing Your Soul


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