Watch the video above to learn about this principle of well being. Our inner critical voice can wreck havoc on our self-esteem and influences all the decisions we make in our life, including our relationships, the lovers we pick, and even how successful we are in our jobs.  On the other hand, learning how to be our own champion gives us a strong inner voice that encourages us and celebrates our accomplishments. 


This toolkit comes with a reading that explores the concept of the critical mind and the damage it can do to our psyche and our sense of self esteem. 


It also covers the concept of how to be your own champion or cheerleader, as a counter to the critic.  It includes an exercise and worksheet for you to uncover the critical thoughts and sayings you often tell yourself (that are simply not true, but you unknowingly believe, and are harmful to you). 


This worksheet also includes how to create statements that foster a champion mindset and ways to build yourself up.  This is an important exericse in understanding how we actually talk to oursleves and learning techniques for talking to ourselves in ways that build ourselves up, versus tear ourselves down.  

Purging the Critic Within and Creating a Champion Mindset


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