Watch the video above to learn about this principle of well being.  Self improvement rewards us with many things and drastically helps us improve our lives. Part of that is understanding it is a process and part of that is knowing what pushes our buttons and how to deal with it in a manner that respects our essence and creates positive outcomes.


This self-help toolkit includes several components.  First, you'll learn about the WIP principle and what it means to be a work in progress (WIP).  You'll be provided an activity worksheet for declaring your work in progress.  Next, you'll be provided a reading about triggers - what they are, why we have them, and how we can learn to develop better responses so them. 


You'll also be provided a worksheet for identifying your triggers and coming up with new and healthier ways to manage situations and your responses to them when your unique triggers occur. 

Identifying and Managing Your Emotional Triggers


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