Watch the video above to learn about this principle of well being. Keeping our emotions locked away and unexplored and unexpressed causes us to become depressed, hostile, and unable to have truly intimate relationships with others, as well as ourselves.  Learning how to positively connect to our emotions and give them the voice and full expression they need for you to live your most fulfilled life is one of the most important things you can do for lifelong happiness. 


This toolkit consists of several components.  First, there is a reading about expressing our emotions, how often we learned to suppress them, and when not given expression they cause destructiveness in our lives. 


There is a worksheet and activity to do to help you identify and uncover your feelings and learn how to give them a voice and expression in productive and beneficial ways. 


It also includes a reading on the emotion of anger, specifically, and how this emotion is often used to mask and cover up the real emotions underneath. 


Lastly, you are provided an activity and explanation on how to use mindfulness as a way to calm yourself when emotions get heated.  It is a simple practice of conducting a mindfulness minute, that you can do anywhere at anytime and has tremendous benefits to you.  

Expressing and Giving Voice to Your Emotions


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