Self-Help Toolkits for Positive LIFE CHANGE

Are you struggling with trying to change your life and transform it into a life centered on well-being and happiness? 


Are you struggling with trying to break out of self-destructive behaviors and change your life around?

Do you:

  • Drink to oblivion?

  • Emotionally overeat when you're upset?

  • Constantly criticize yourself?

  • Get into abusive relationships with friends and lovers?

  • Stay stuck committing other unhealthy and harmful behaviors over and over again?

Are you in need of guidance for how to get out of living your life this way?  Do you want to learn how to heal old wounds, love yourself unconditionally, and live your life to your fullest potential?  You are not alone!  I can coach and mentor you onto a better path because I've been there too and I know what it takes to change your life for the better.

I wanted a life centered on well-being and happiness too, but I had no roadmap or guidance for how to get there.  Instead, my life was drowning in depression and a compulsion to drink and smoke that robbed me of my health, my wealth, and almost cost me my sanity and my life.  

But, I  found new and positive ways to live my life by practicing the 12 principles of well-being.  Now I don't drink or smoke anymore and practicing these principles daily keeps me on my positive path.  I did this using the tools, strategies, and techniques I teach in my 12 Principles Tooklits offered here.  You can learn how to live the 12 principles of well-being for dramatic results in your life. These 12 Principles Toolkits are designed to help you create positive life change and transform your world.  Regardless of what your personal challenges are, these strategies will work for you.  For the price of a fancy cup of coffee, you can learn a new life skill that can have a powerful and lasting impact on your life.   

There are 12 principles of well-being I teach in these toolkits that I used to completely turn my life around.  Now, I live a life that is happy, enriching, and empowering!  I created a self-help toolkit for each of these principles, so you can learn about each one, use tools and techniques that work for developing them in your life, and learn powerful ways to positively change your life.  Watch the free video for each one to learn more.


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